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As many of you are aware, the FDA has released a statement suggesting a link between cardiac disease and some popular commercial pet foods. This link is suggestive. These pet foods will not cause heart disease in all pets. The cause of the heart disease from feeding these foods is not currently known, and further research will continue to determine why this is occurring. All of that said, there is a clear link between canine heart disease and these diets.

Veterinary nutritionists have determined that B.E.G. diets are at greater risk of causing heart disease than other commercial diets. Boutique, exotic, and gourmet diets, like many on the FDA list, have been linked to an increase heart disease in dogs. It is suspected that ingredients like legumes (peas, beans), potatoes, and exotic meat proteins are lacking certain nutrients critical for heart health.

best of 2019 buttonsWe are happy to announce that Muddy Creek Animal Care Center has won the Best of Daily News award for Best Veterinarian and Best Doggie Daycare as well as #1 Veterinary Hospital and Doggie Daycare in the Wicked Local Readers Choice Awards.

dr nancy e field vmd 200pxAs of July 2019, Dr. Nancy Field will be leaving us due to an upcoming relocation.

We thank Dr. Field for her years of service at Muddy Creek Animal Care Center, and we wish her the best of luck in future endeavors.

To learn more, read the following letter from Dr. Nancy E. Field.

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