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Get 10% Off All Dental Cleanings in February & March 2018!

Dog with ToothbrushIt is estimated that more than 85% of dogs and cats have some form of dental disease before the age of four. Proper dental care can eliminate bad breath, dental pain, and can even prevent serious kidney and liver problems in your pet.

In celebration of Pet Dental Health Month, Muddy Creek Animal Care Center is offering 10% off all dental cleanings from February 1-March 31, 2018.*

Want to learn more about pet dental care? Read Dr. Liebert's article to learn more about dental disease prevention and management and to see the drastic results a dental cleaning can make.

Think that dental cleanings are just for dogs? Dr. Reiser explains the importance of cat dental care in her article Dental Diseases That Afflict Feline Pets. Our dental cleaning experience is more relaxed than ever with the addition of our new feline hospital.

Ready to book your pet's dental cleaning? Call us today at (978) 948-2345!  

*Presurgical exam and bloodwork is required prior to cleaning